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Create e-learning and IT documentation at the push of a button.

Whether it’s compliance, product or IT training, TT Knowledge Force authoring software aids you from conception through to publication of all your training content. Its comprehensive functions enable your authors to produce high-quality learning content, effortlessly. Rely on an integrated learning content management system (LCMS) and you can let go of unnecessary additional tools.

What’s special about this authoring software?

TT Knowledge Force forms the central work-platform in your organization. Authors collaboratively access all documents from each workplace – worldwide, if required.

Premium learning media

Whether you want sophisticated e-learning or an attractive handbook, you can produce both IT and product training to a high professional standard via comprehensive functions.

Standardized content creation

Templates ensure that your learning content appears in a uniform design and is didactically well prepared, thus enabling your experts to focus on the essentials.

Recording and re-recording of IT applications

You create e-learning and documentation for your business applications at the press of a button. It’s just as easy to bring documents up to date following a new release, with the help of re-recording.

Seamless integration in your learning management system (LMS)

You can transfer the content you produce directly into your learning management system (LMS). All of the relevant standards such as SCORM and AICC are supported. Your LMS becomes a true knowledge data bank. Moreover, the interactive learning content produced with the authoring software is SAP Certified. Content generated with TT Knowledge Force is guaranteed to be methodologically and technologically available via the SAP-certified interface, without limitation.

Collaboration by distributed authoring teams

With the help of workflows your specialists can work hand in hand wherever they are situated worldwide – from concept to publication.

Embedded project management

Comprehensive functionality gives you complete oversight of your project throughout its lifecycle. This enables you to achieve your objective within the desired timeframe, stay in budget and deliver to the required quality.

Multi-language content creation

Thanks to the software’s integrated translation management you can translate content into more than 30 languages with a mouse-click. This makes working in an international organization even more efficient.

M-learning: Mobile learning via iPad

Publish your content on mobile devices. Your employees can learn whenever and wherever they like, either online in the web browser or offline with the Knowledge App.

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